What would u do?

So the couple we know we are staying with till we move into our own home. ... Well most of u know the wife is a fucking jerk to me and my boyfriend and I can't fucking stand her. I did nothing wrong and she been an asshole to me from day 1 .
Well... My boyfriend and I been sleeping on the living room floor.. Since they have no guest rooms.
But now.. She wants us to sleep in the basement.. I don't mind sort of.. But here are the problems

The basement :
The pipe is a little bit leaking
It cold
There no heater
No plug in for our electronics
It hard wood concreate
Whenever they walk feels like the ceiling is gonna bust
There no where to hang our clothes or fold em ( unless left in the suitcase )
We can hear every single thing down below
And it is filthy... But working on cleaning it

So what would u do?
Sleep in the basement
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Sleep in the living room
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+1 y
I don't know why this is under sexuality.. I hit family and friends
+1 y
She was a bitch to me last night. and since my boyfriend is hot blooded. he said to me stop being an ass. she is the one that said it not cold down there grow up.
My god I wanted to fucking strangle her and slap her.
She never apologized to me either
What would u do?
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