I feel pressured to kiss girls. Are there any girls out there feeling that pressure too?

I was at a party with a guy I'm involved with and he asked me if I had ever done lesbian stuff. I told him "no, I'm not a lesbian." Shortly after that, I was in the room with him again along with a girl I had been chatting with that night and she kissed me on the mouth in front of him. It was pretty obvious to me that he had orchestrated that kiss so he could watch. I was not happy about it.

I'm not attracted to girls and I don't like this straight-girls-kissing culture. I don't understand putting up with kissing someone of a gender you are not sexually attracted to for a guy's pleasure. I don't wanna be one of those girls. Just the idea of it is a real turn off for me.

In this society, it seems to be expected that girls will just kiss each other regardless of their sexuality because it's supposed to be no big deal for them when the same expectation isn't extended to men. I fucken hate this double standard. I KNOW he would not kiss another guy for me to watch. But despite me expressing no interest in kissing another girl, he went ahead and arranged that girl to kiss me.

I believe the reason he did that is because of this societal expectation that it's no big deal for girls who are straight to kiss other girls. And so, I was subjected to a kiss I didn't want nor expressed any desire for. In my opinion, stating point blank that "I'm not a lesbian" is also stating "I'm not attracted to girls. Therefore, I don't want to kiss another girl... therefore, don't make me kiss another girl".

A girl couldn't just simply arrange a guy to kiss her straight boyfriend for her to watch, especially after he expressed a disinterest in kissing another guy. It pisses me off that he thought it would be okay to arrange a girl to kiss me, even if I didn't express my disinterest. I should express interest in doing something first before he arranges for me to engage in that thing.

I think I might be alone in feeling this way too. Am I alone?
I feel pressured to kiss girls. Are there any girls out there feeling that pressure too?
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