Guys would you sleep with a girl that you find unattractive?

so me and my bestfriend were tipsy and decided to have sex in his car ( we never had sex before )
anw we are very close friends been besties for years but he always calls me ugly and I call him ugly as well but in a joking matter but I don't know if he is serious or not
for example when a guy hits on me or something or i start dating someone he is like who's the new dumbass that's dating you or like once we became roommates and he was like shit i have to see your face every single day that's pure torture etc etc ( before you call him mean or something i also say similar stuff to him back and this is the kind of banter we have with each other but ofc we love and care about each other a lot )
the thing is i actually believe he thinks I'm ugly and not just joking yet we had sex and he was really turned on so what does it mean? does he find me attractive? or is it normal to be able to get hard around someone you find unattractive just because it's sex?
10 mo
update : He isn't the desperate type he is quite attractive himself I also think he thinks i find him unattractive because while we were having sex I told him "you're so hot" and he said "oh you must be really drunk to say that" then i said " no you really are hot af " then after that comment he kissed me very passionately also for the people talking about relationships we aren't in a relationship we just agreed after that night to have sex sometimes if we both want it
10 mo
update 2: thank you everyone for your answers !! I actually asked him this question yesterday after hooking up again 😊
he said: "I never thought you took it seriously I'm obviously just joking you idiot" etc etc
Guys would you sleep with a girl that you find unattractive?
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