Have you ever gotten sexual with someone 10+ years older than you?

Outside of celebs like George Clooney, I’ve never really been attracted to someone so much older in person. It honestly bothers me a bit although Im sure many of you feel age shouldn't matter. I met this guy on this app and we had so much in common and the connection was strong. Then i found out he was double my age. Yikes. Anyways, he was sweet and funny so I decided to keep getting to know him although I didn't want it to go past friendliness and occasional one liners... Yea we had bombass phone sex last night. I’ve never c*mmed so hard in years. The only other person who ever made me damn near squirt was someone who was 9 years older. I’ve only felt this attraction to like 4 older guys now with 2 being the ones above. I dont want to fall for anyone older because its just not what I see myself with and it goes against the age gap I always say is for me. Maybe they were exceptions but now this dude wants to do things again and again and I don't know what to do. I dont want to just get rid of him or ghost him because I like talking to him but how do I get out of the sexual path? Did i doom myself? Is ghosting the only option? Fauck he even had me call him daddy 😷 And it weirded me out because he's older than my daddy but I just wanted to keep turning him on. Why’d he have to go and be a hot construction worker with the same zodiac as me 😭
Have you ever gotten sexual with someone 10+ years older than you?
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1 y
He’s 25 years older. I dont even want anyone 5+ years older 🙈 Its just his voice turns me on so much. He sounds 25 but is 25 years older. Plus we have the same sign so we have so much in common. Then he just had to be a construction worker. Thats like the hottest career ever. I only gave into the flirting because I imagine him to still look young despite his age because he sounds young. It made me squirt for goodness sake. He sounds like the George Clooney of all Clooneys. Why couldnt he be 27
1 y
I think he's on this post 😂 i didn't even meet him here but there's a guy whos a few years younger than him and theyre saying everything he said last night and they both has the same career. What the actual fuck 😂 Dude if thats you then yes i had a great time last night but i can't do this again. I’ll always cherish the experience but i just can't anymore no matter how much of a sexy construction worker you are
Have you ever gotten sexual with someone 10+ years older than you?
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