Casual dating for first time instead of searching for Mr. Right?

I am still a virgin, as in never slept with a guy.
I am honstly tired of searching for the one guy. I am on my way of becoming a female wizard for gods sake!
Ideally I would love to find my SO but it just doesn't work out. I think I attract the wrong guys with my introverted personality. And I am tired of having no experince whatsoever and feeling like a kid listening in on their parents when someone talks about sexual stuff.

I really have no idea about how to "do it". Technicalities are known sure but acting on it not so much. I am a really horny person to be honest and I mostly attract "nice guys" but I would actually be into guys with confidence and dominant aura. But these guys mostly seem not interested in serious relationships and I am also not really sure my personality fits with them for a relationship. They might also don't find me attractive since I am the complete opposite to them.

The thing is I want to be treated rough and with confidence and I would need someone who can teach me how it all works. And introverted guys usually don't give off that vibe.
Long story short: I really never thought I was the type of person to get into casual dating and having sex for the first time with someone you don't love has always made me feel bad and I still don't know if I can pull it off without getting too nervous but after such a long time I can't really take it anymore and finding someone I like on a personal level and am attracted to is really hard, never happend untill now.

I don't know I am unsure. I am actually scared of doing it but I feel more miserable by the day.
I also don't want to become a "slut" and I have the fear of immorality but I don't want to wait till I am old. Life doesn't wait for you.
What would you advice?
Casual dating for first time instead of searching for Mr. Right?
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