Can someone explain this paradox to me, i'm so confused?

Ok. Gender is a social construct. Genders do not exist but men are oppressing women. These terms are non existant so how can something that is not real but just a construction society made up oppress another sex if the sex is not real. Why is a women assigned with a utarus and a men with a penis. Pregnacy is a social construct. We have been lied to all or life. A women who have been raped can give birth to a rapists child but still identify as a virgin because the sex was not consentual. Feminists are also non existant because gender is a social construct. How can transgenders say they where born in the wrong body if there is no such thing as gender. Gender is not binary but how can people procreate if there is no male and female? Why do animals not have sex with the same sex and don't think they are born in the wrong body? So much confusion... does claiming you are Pansexual give you sexual acces to anything that lives and breathes regardless age? Can someone explain this paradox for me. Please SJW moderators, don't remove this again.. This is a genuine question. this song is how i feel about this society. Greetz
Can someone explain this paradox to me, im so confused?
Can someone explain this paradox to me, i'm so confused?
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