Give me your most terrifying nightmare ever?

Mine was long but to keep it short I was with my friends at a house party we all got too drunk. One of my female friends goes off to shower these... sex traffickers (?) come along grab her and drag her to our room with guns they told us to take our clothes off if you scream or run your friend dies and well pick off as many as we can. So being basically teenagers scared and terrified we complied they tossed us handcuffs to put on after that they gagged us and chloroformed us. We woke up in a basement chained to a wall. You also have to understand the fear element in this that I felt when your crying traumatised drugged and scared you don’t think straight.
From here it was a case of torture and mostly rape boys and girls got raped repeatedly to buyers. If any of us resisted fought back or hurt our “owners” 😷 we’d get punished corporally punished cane or whip always on your butt you know why? As we were told wouldn’t want to damage the merchandise pretty sick.
If we refused to be punished then they’d threaten to shoot one of us so it was screaming in pain or lose a friend. None of us could even escape because we were terrified if we did they would kill those who didn’t. There was the issue of one friend who went to shower getting cold and ill because of it but she was fine.
We were also told stuff like you’d freeze to death before you escaped, or cut our feet to shreds on the rocks while running.
I woke up when I was going to be punished and the first hit landed thank god.
There’s a fair bit more but that’s the general sense of it after this I got a bit paranoid with my rape safety, drinking and general safety so i’m kinda glad it happened.
Do you have any dreams to share could be chased by a killer or something like that.
Give me your most terrifying nightmare ever?
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