Do Incels Have a Point?

Hate them if you want to, but incels are a creation of our society. The hard part to admit is that we all had a part in making them, especially women. As much as we don't like it incels are a reflection of the ills of our society. Take Elliot Rodgers for example. All he wanted was to get laid and experience love from a moderately attractive female, and women wouldn't even give him that despite him being rich. If just one moderately attractive girl would have just sit on the grenade and fucked Elliot a few times, then it could have diffused the bomb and saved a lot of lives. But girls wouldn't do that because "he was weird and socially awkward!" Such a superficial excuse. Meanwhile, women line up to fuck, suck, and show love to guys with good social skills even if they are excons. Women still select for men based on the ancient past. They want a strong, confidant man that asserts himself! That usually translates to some high school dropout that is going to beat them repeatedly and they keep coming back. Meanwhile the highly successful but socially inept scientists and engineers of our society live lonely depressing lives starved of sex and love. Not saying I side with the incels, but it seems likethey have a point.
Do Incels Have a Point?
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