If men and women better understood each other, would it help resolve the "friend zone" debacle?

I gave up GAG for while but I'm back. Sure enough one of the top trending topics on GAG is the "friendzone". This is what I usually see:

- Guys (and some girls) asking "how do I get out of the friend zone"?
- Girls saying "its the guy's fault" if he's in the friendzone
- Girls naively saying "why can't guys just want to be friends?"
- Feminists dismissively saying "the friendzone doesn't exist" and the label "friendzone" is sexist (cough)
- Guys (and some girls) blasting other guys for being beta, pussy f*gg*ts for getting friendzoned with ZERO substance or advice. I often question the legitimacy of guys making these troll claims. I know with some real players/alpha males and the genuine ones don't feel the need to disparage other guys to boost their egos.

At the end of the day the "friendzone" debacle comes down to lack of understanding of both sexes. Women are hard wired to be relational with other women/men and to have a network to feel safe/protected. Guys are hard built to accomplish things. They are not special just for existing. They will only get respect if they are useful.

It's been said that women understand men better in dating. I believe this is partially true. Women understand male sex drive for all it's glory and horror much better than men understand female sex drive. Anatomy/hormones make this more obvious/simple.

However most women do NOT understand male ego. When a guy gets hurt/angry for being "friendzoned" it's not the lost relationship/sex opportunity he is most angry about. He's disappointed for sure but it's the fact that the woman does NOT REALLY RESPECT HIM is why he's pissed.

Most guys know they are not entitled to sex. But the friendzone from the guy's perspective is "I see you as a woman with a penis". More often than not the girl has already taken plenty of favors from the guy (free meals, free counseling, free rides, moving furniture, etc.) and 99% of the time she has zero regrets about it.
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If men and women better understood each other, would it help resolve the "friend zone" debacle?
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