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Your first time and part two was it similar to mine?

I've always wondered if other people's first times were like min in any way.

So he went down on me it was okay I liked it but wasn't amazing after 5-10 mins or so I went down on him and again he liked it even I knew it wasn't great.

Then he put it in, no blood didn't feel painful I honestly didn't feel anything I couldn't feel it in or out 😅. Incidentally it came out like I'd say 10 times if not more. After awhile it felt like it was stretching me and hurt a little. It wasn't going anywhere for either of us so we kinda gave up and I sucked him off, again wasn't very good did that for 10 mins. Then we led together and I pretended I was asleep and he crept out of the room rubbed himself off and came back in.

Anyone else just felt nothing lol
Yeah I didn't feel anything
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No It really hurt
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No it really hurt then felt good
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No it felt really good right from the start
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Your first time and part two was it similar to mine?
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