What would you do?

I went to a bar and a gorgeous girl came on to me since I'm single I wouldn't mind. we talked she is also smart and funny to sum it all she is like the perfect girl. we kissed the most passionate deep kiss ever. and after a few hours we headed home in a taxi since we were both tipsy. then at the door she's like all over me and I am really turned on. we barely got to the bedroom and we were only with our underwear on. she has the perfect tits I have ever seen. then she ask me about the handcuffs we talked in the bar, she take it from the drawer and handcuffs me to the bed while kissing me. then she pull down my underwear and go down on me I'm really almost there. but then she stop and climb on me and only then I found out she is actually a transwoman. what would you do?
What would you do?
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