Is my boyfriend gay?

my boyfriend and I had an open discussion & he disclosed that when he was a child him and his childhood friend use to preform oral sex on each other and jack each other off and this was also his first sexual encounter. He also disclosed that 2 years ago he received oral sex from an openly gay male. He said it was some of the best head he’s ever gotten he came twice back to back. However he stated that he isn’t attracted to men and wouldn’t bottom with a man or really have sex with one. Also , My boyfriend told me that his freshman year in college (7 years ago) he received oral sex from a transsexual. He also stated that she ate his butt and he didn’t really enjoy that part. I asked him did he do anything to her he said he played with her penis by jacking it a little then stopped Bc he didn’t like it. He described her as being feminine but not taking hormones. He also said he tried to have sex with her and couldn’t because he couldn't stay hard. they met online and had been talking for a while and made plans for her to preform oral on him. The trying to have sex part just came when he got there. He said that the oral sex was “alright” which is something he says about everything. I’m just wondering is my boyfriend into men , does he have sexual desires to be with a man. This makes me wonder because she hadn’t transitioned and she still had her male parts. Which he was aware of and touched on her male parts , and attempted to have anal sex with her while being able to see her male part. I asked did he kiss her he said no but I don’t really believe that.
Is my boyfriend gay?
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