Mystery of the 'all girls are bi' spammer solved?

Please post what your theory was for the guy who has spammed multiple questions per day over the last few months asking why girls won't admit they are bi.

I'll post an update with the confirmed answer after speaking to him in person, shortly.
Mystery of the all girls are bi spammer solved?
An angry incel thinks he was rejected because all girls are gay
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Bi girlfriend cheated on him, now has a bitter vendetta
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Has a fetish for bi girls and wants them all bi
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Just a troll trolling
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Normal dude just wants to know why girls aren't all saying they're bi.
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1 y
The real answer as confirmed by the man himself via pm is... Shockingly, he doesn't hate women but just had a fetish for bi sexual girls. He wants every woman to admit they are bi because it turns him on.

I would have bet a lot of money he was a woman hating incel who got rejected. I said he is coming across as aggressive and woman hating, we shall see if anything changes.
Mystery of the 'all girls are bi' spammer solved?
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