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Can sexual attraction develop over time or not?

I have an issue which is bugging me badly.
I have dated 3 guys until now (and with dated I mean been on dates with but nothing more) and I had a great time with them. We could talk about shared interests and everything. But there was the issue that I did not find them very physically attractive. Not meaning they were ugly but just not the type of guy I would imagine myself with. And not the type of guy I would find sexy so to say.

It just bothers me so much because the last guy I met fairly recently is really a perfect fit with me interest wise and intellectually but I again don't really feel a physical attraction.
I don't know if this can develop if I give it a chance or if I am just wasting my and his time.
He is really into me, he made that crystal clear (maybe a little too much).

I don't know why this always happens to me.
For clarification, I use online dating at the moment that's why the people seem different on their profile and when I met in real life they were kind of different.
I know this sounds probably like bitching but everyone has preferences and some just vomes naturally.

What I mean is, I am naturally into bigger guys (like broader and big build, not neccessarily muscled) who are at least taller than me.
But the guys I have met were all much leaner built and smaller, like my height.
I don't know. It makes me feel less feminine if a guy I am with has almostthe same proportians as me. Like narrow shoulders and small built like me.
Like I said. Personaility wise really a good fit but I am afraid I would force myself to feel attraction and just end up unhappy.
Or can I condition my mind the other way? I am uncertain.
This guy wants to see me again.
Would it be wrong to agree and see what happens even though I am currently not feeling sexual attraction?
Can sexual attraction develop over time or not?
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