Am I more than a friend?

I’m having trouble figuring out where I stand with one of my best male friends. We talk every day, and we usually talk for hours over text and video calls about deep things. He always compliments me on our shared hobby, and I always see him staring at me. One time, we accidentally ended up playing dirty truth or dare over text and it ended as mutual masturbation over text and telling each other when we finished. He also tells me things like, “I’m going to be leaving later, just so you know.” (Leaving school) Like why would just assume that I’d care? But he also sometimes calls me dude and fam over text and that is really throwing me. It doesn’t seem like a guy would say that to his crush but all the other signs point to he likes me. Or at least they do to me. Does anyone know where we stand in terms of our relationship? Friend or more?
Am I more than a friend?
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