Do good looking guys actually have women throwing themselves at them?

I've seen comments about in dating, how women like average looking guys or more into dating them because they are more likely to be more faithful. Good looking guys have pussy thrown at them and less often to commit or something like that. That's true to an extent it seems, but only if to have good looking mean "super movie star good looking" which very few people are that good looking. But then there are plenty of good looking people right but just not THAT good looking, but are conventionally attractive and therefore, above average in looks, just not a 10.

It's like saying someone is only wealthy if they are a millionaire or billionaire, when technically I believe a person like an attorney or occupation where they are making like $300, 000 a year is pretty wealthy, just not THAT wealthy like millionaires. But they are above average in wealth. I think that can apply to looks too. It's made to sound like good looking guys have women come onto them or it's easy, when that would only be for model like good looking guys or high status guys. Other good looking guys have it easier, but I think it's not isolated to that, but good looking, Sociable, extroverted guys with plenty of friends will have girls easily. I'm sure there are good looking guys who don't have dates easily because they are shy or more introverted, so good looks doesn't mean girls coming on to them and the bonus good looks brings if said good looking guy has a strong social life. Good looking guys who get ass left and right, more often have a lot of friends and doing a lot of social things and a big friend network more often.
Do good looking guys actually have women throwing themselves at them?
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