Does keep counting the number of condoms in his wardrobe normal?

So, I've been dating my boyfriend for 6 months. He's the type of guy who spends his free time reading or watching and far from the nightlife.
Lately he's been working until late, which I believe because I know he has been very busy due to his deadlines and I am friends with his coworkers on social media. We only meet on the weekend for the last 1 month.

So there was one night where I was at his house and we were having sex (we use protection most of the time) he grabbed a condom from his drawer and I could see he only had 2 left there (he always got a box of three). And what concerns me is that I remember last time we had sex, we used the last condom. I never really counted how many condoms in his drawer before until that night I saw he had an opened box of condom and it only two condoms left. Since then I keep counting and only last night I noticed that one condom is missing too. I thought maybe he had a posh wank during the week we didn't see each other but he said he never touched himself the week we didn't see each other. There is a liiiiiiiittttle possibility too that I count it wrong or forget how many condoms were left the weekend before.

Should I confront or am I just being paranoid?
Does keep counting the number of condoms in his wardrobe normal?
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