Is Satan the reason people indulge in sexual perversions?


I think it is very evident that people who follow after sexual perversions are serving Satan, whether intentionally or unknowingly. It is no surprise that people who follow after secular living have some of the most perverted sexual practices like premarital sex, extramarital sex, sex strictly without wanting procreative as an option. They go out of their way to have all types of sex that will not include allowing for procreative potential. This is not the case with all people but it does apply a lot. They are more likely to be ones who will want to express a wide range of sexual practices that God does not like.

People who follow righteousness and God seem to always opt for procreative potential. While some may indulge in sexual perversions, it's at a minimal compared with people who don't want a relationship with God. Does Satan tempt men with condom usage and tempt women with birth control pills usage? Why are people so strung about not waiting until marriage to have sex?

Has Satan perverted the minds of humans to cause them to not be bothered at the beauty sex is supposed to be but demonize sex to the point that they have sexual pleasures and lust more than using sex properly?

You can easily tell if people enjoy sex in unnatural positions and actually gloat about it are giving glory to Satan as he is using them to turn against God. Please explain why you think so many people live such perverted sexual lives! Yes, I am even tempted sometimes but I do know that this type of sex is not pleasing towards God.
Satan is the only reason
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Is Satan the reason people indulge in sexual perversions?
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