Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty?

As a Latina who has no political alliances but tends to agree with the right on issues, I usually vote red obviously. I tend to get many super left leaning people call me traitor, racist, white washed, pick me bitch, go back to your own country, etc. it truly is the left that are the racist ones in this day and age. They label anyone who disagrees a racist, bigot, etc.
This is just my experience as a Latina since I don’t fall in line and agree with them I’m branded ridiculous names that do not ring true at all.
No I do not want open borders. I hate that my beautiful state of California is a shit hole now.
Just because I’m Hispanic does not mean I’m for illegals. My own people, Cali natives are homeless in the streets, starving, multiple homeless tent communities are rampant, because my people, Californians aren’t getting the help they need but illegals are.
I don’t give a shit about race, I give a shit about my people, other Californians despite what they look like. So yeah, when people shit on me for not being a good Latina and wanting open borders they can go sit on a dildo.
Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty?
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My question would be what are your experiences for people of no political alliance? My experience would be the left is full of hypocrisy, especially those that ignore creeps like biden.
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Nice to know someone here thought I meant only Latinos were illegals. I tell you, the worst people are the biggest hypocrites. Making things about race and then saying I did, smh.
Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty?
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