Do you think we should legalize brothel's / whorehouses?

ok hear me out on this first.

there are a good deal of prostitutes in the world male / female and other. many are infected with STD's or have other issues. so by legalizing brothel's and getting many prostitutes off the streets. brothel's could then require them to get tested regularly to keep all the clients safe.

plus then the brothel's could get security people to keep the prostitutes safer from harm.

also these business's could then be taxed like any other. so more tax income
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maybe to a limited extend
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1 y
pornography is more or less paid sex. since many porn stars do it for large amounts of money.
1 y
the main difference between a strip club and a brothel is just the sex really.

so why is it ok to pay to watch someone remove there clothes.

but not be able to have sex with them. provided all parties involved consent to it and are of legal age.
8 mo
ideally they would be a good place for people with sex addiction to work. since there most likely to get some regularly. once they make a name for themselves.

also if they have to get tested regularly. then it is safer for the customers also.

plus with security guards they can control the abusive jerks.
Do you think we should legalize brothel's / whorehouses?
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