Girls, Why don't women admit their privileges?


Is it because they do not see them as such?
I deeply envy female privileges as a man but it is something that no girl understands or puts in my place:

-You are not judged by: height, penis size, femininity (obviously), sexual performance, being bad in sex, ambition, status, salary, being a loser, being weird, confidence, personality. Male insecurities are brutal, an attractive woman is always desired, a man with micropenis does not have that guarantee

- Having thousands of matches easily, it is unfair that there are "incels" and men who have so many problems in dating when women have hundreds to thousands of suitors, why is dating not equal? Shouldn't men have hundreds of macthes too?

-Women earn money from sexuality while men pay: prostitution, strippers, findom, porn... even women can sell photos of your feet or go to foot fetish parties and get paid.

-The sexual selection of women and how they can date up or marry up or have children with someone superior while on a lower level, there are no men of lower level getting married being rescued by rich, princesses, adventurers...

-Biologically is sex easier for a woman, men have to strive, can not lie down and do nothing unless they have endurance, if their penis does not work first they have to compensate, women have more sexual practices to please men: handjob, blowjob, footjob... The woman has the guarantee that it will not be discarded, you can not force sex to a woman because it is rape but if a man, if a man does not satisfy the woman, she will leave him to other, asexual women have it easier

-Men fall in love at first sight, are more romantic, do more things for women, take care of them and maintain them financially
Girls, Why don't women admit their privileges?
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