Is it cheating? I want honest answers please?

A couple of days ago a girl texted me "hi" on an app. Then we talked hardly a little and she started to send me her pics. ( Not nude) . And she asked me what i wanted to do her. Tbh i wasn't interested in her body or whatsoever. (I even have a girlfriend. ) I was skeptical of her i thought she could be a guy. So i fakely wrote i want to kiss you etc etc. She asked me to shake my cock and cum. Which i falsely said i did cum talking to you. During the course tbh i too went a bit horny but then i tried to break the chain and talked normally on common topics. I found the girl to be intelligent and wanted to talk to her on those topics and not sexually. It was clear , she wanted me to praise her so it end it i tried to seduce her as fast as i could do ( i was not interested in it tbh ). It was just i wanted a normal convo later. She had her orgasm later. I thought it is done and now ee can normally talked. And during this she many a times asked me to shake my dick and ejaculate. I tried once or twice but did not feel to do it. And the main problem is i have a girlfriend and i am not feeling good now i have some serious anxiety going on. Can someone tell me was it cheating?
1 y
Update - the girl was a total stranger
Is it cheating? I want honest answers please?
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