What would u do if u was gay?

like... imgaine u wake up tommorow... u start finding guys hot and u have no idea why... u then discover u turned gay overnight... what do u do?

initially i thought id proably jus kill myself,
but realisticly... that sounds abit too extreme and i wouldn't wanna die jus for that... but i would definitely try to hide it and stay in the closet... i would also try hard asf to force myself back to liking girls... even if it doesn't work... i would keep trying for years until i can't try no more
kill maself
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try to hide it
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embrace and flaunt it
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1 y
and they say being gay isn't a choice,
looking at the results im not surprised there's so many gay people nowadays,
they dont even try to rebel against it or be straight, they jus let their gayness be and go down the gay path,
so in a way being gay is a choice,
cos no one is choosing to act straight like i would do,
What would u do if u was gay?
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