Girls, please share your opinions, am I dirty or weird?

I have a kinky fetish in bed with my f. partnher , I am little bit shy to ask but I want real thoughts of ladies on it please, my question is... we both like 69 position so much before real sex, and during 69 I like her butt aroma even if stinks stronger , I love that strong odour so much as ass , and like every stinky parts on her body as her morning breath when she have musty breath, and her underarms when she sweat and of course pussy smell , but favorite one is ass odor, so I enjoy her anus aroma secretly without knowing her while we during 69 , I insert my fingers in her ass and sniff it , and sometimes I insert nose in it while licking cunt. I scare to tell her about my fantasy because I afraid if she find it dirty and disgusting and if she feel self-conscious about odor , but I love her odor , I heard on internet about this fetish so I dare post it on this site anonymously , I hope I will find seriously and seticfie answer about it , I want to know , am I doing normal sexy desire or it's unfair and harmful and disgusting?
Please ladies share your opinion ,
My first language is not English , I know I couldn't post very well my feeling , but I hope you will understand my situation ,
Thanks in advance
Liking female partner's strong smell is normal in sex for pleasure of ownself? Or it's not acceptable? Means smell can be saxual appeal or not?
Have you find anyone else who like this type of kink about odor?
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I ask this question only from girls because I don't want to be troll , and guys are here for only fun and troll , and don't want to make any one bother and feel shame by my post , am a simple guy and want to serious opinion about it , because I wanna know is it wrong or gentle , what a female think if a guy like her in this way , will she be angry of uncomfortable , or she will be please or upset or something else , share your thoughts about it.. respectly thanks for share opinion.
Girls, please share your opinions, am I dirty or weird?
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