Sexual assault?

Two days ago I was drinking with some friends. It got a little out of hand. At a certain point all four of us were (half) passed out on the couch. We were hot so we had taken of our shirts, me as well. That turned out not to be such a good idea. One friend, let's call him A, pushed my bra to the side and started fiddling with and licking my boobs. An other friend, let's call him B, put a finger in my mouth, and i don't know if he touched my further but he probably did. When all that was happening I was thinking: 'what are they doing? I don't want this. Stop.' But I couldn't gain the control over my body to tell them to stop or push them away. Eventually they stopped and were sort of laughing it off, saying that it was weird and we shouldn't talk about it ever again. (Oh and both of them have a girlfriend). I feel very weird about all this, the next day I felt dirty and confused. And last night I saw them again at another friend's birthday and every time one of them touched me I was reminded of the night before and got that feeling again. Now I know I shouldn't have drank so much, and I'm not planning on doing that ever again because I don't want to find myself in a situation like that ever again.
But my question is: was I sexually assaulted? I never told them to stop, but I also didn't give them any sign of agreement or consent.
And how can I feel better soon? I keep trying to forget about it and push it away but it pops in my mind every few hours and I hate it.
Sexual assault?
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