Feminism has robbed WOMEN of access to masculinity. Agree or nah?

I have done what men have always told me not to do. I sought out female opinion on dating, sex, love, relationships. I did so by reading books by women, directed at men to help them date.

I’ve also read books by men written to help men as well. After reading both genders write books for men to help them date, I've realized they are saying the same exact thing.

Women want “masculinity” in men. And the books have to spell it out for us because we don’t even know what masculinity is.

In both cases, whether it’s a male writer or a female writer, the basics are always the same:

“Unleash your inner and natural masculinity.”

All men are born masculine. But society has demonized masculinity. Even us men hate it. When you tell a guy who isn’t the most manly guy around, that he has to be masculine to get a girl, it hurts. It feels like you’re telling him to be someone he is not. It feels like you’re telling him that he must become a bad person to attract women.

Now after reading so many dating books, I think that even the lowliest guy can be a shining beacon of masculinity. Easily. It comes naturally to us men. We have simply been programmed by feminism to hate ourselves.

Society has been programmed by feminism to hate men and masculinity. And what these books do is attempt to undo the damage done by society to men.

And women suffer because of this lack of masculinity. Sure, us guys we know what’s up. We know there’s this subtle undercurrent of hate against what makes a man a man. But we also know that what makes a man a man also makes women horny.

The female writers I read who offer help to men, say they had at one time hated men too. But after realizing what happened to men, and realizing the only way to fix the male/female dynamic is to help MEN.

Women don’t need any help dating. It’s MEN who need the help. Because society has brainwashed us to HATE ourselves.

Women need masculine men to be happy. But masculinity has been vilified and demonized.
Feminism has robbed WOMEN of access to masculinity. Agree or nah?
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