Is it rude to constantly bail on plans with fwb?

Im new to friends with benefits. I really just began having sex a year ago. I had a friends with benefits that would make plans to hangout. Bowling, food, etc then sex after but when the day came he’d cancel a few hours before but he’d get mad whenever I’d cancel. I’m aware I won’t be a priority but I feel like it was never an equal give or take. He tried to make it to where he could contact me anytime he wanted a quick fuck.

He was literally the most selfish person I have ever met. Do you guys think this is disrespectful?

For me even a friends with benefits should be trustworthy & respectful. I feel like every relationship no matter how minuscule should have a basis of respect. What do go guys think? Am I asking for too much simply bc it’s fwb?
Yessss now I have to masturbate 🙄
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Is it rude to constantly bail on plans with fwb?
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