friends with benefits says he "doesn't want a relationship" but treats me more?

So I've been friends with benefits with this guy for about 2 months now. We were good friends for a couple of months and I decided to lose my virginity to him. We started having casual sex and for a while, I didn't have any feelings. Just pure "I like him for sex" feelings. We would hook up once every week, he would text me "Have a good night" and we wouldn't text for a week and a half until one of us sent a "wyd tonight" text. I was perfectly fine with this. One night, however, a week ago he came over to my apartment for much longer. We also went out to eat inbetween having sex, which he paid for. Afterward, we cuddled and really got close to one another. The next day he texted me about his day which I was fine with however he kept on going with the conversation. I would try to stop the talking by dry texting him but he would keep the conversation going or would ask me a question. This was very odd and different. He also...
- started texting me every single day, through the day
- initiated talking/conversations with me
- asked me questions about myself
-would ask if I slept well or that I should "drive safe"
- sent me good morning and goodnight texts
-started calling me cute nicknames like "love" or "dummy"
- started talking about doing stuff for me like "cooking a meal" for me
11 mo
I talked to him about all the stuff he was doing and how it made me feel very confused. He answered by saying "Oh I was just being nice" and "I still see you as just a friend"
I questioned him on everything he was doing and he said he "treated his friends like how he was treating me"
Of course, I was hurt and even more confused by his response so I decided to not have sex with him and kinda just kicked him. I feel like shit and honestly might end things with him because I have no time for all
11 mo
*Today we saw each other. We went out shopping and he helped me with my groceries, made me some pasta from scratch, and also was planning to have sex with me. We did the first two things however when we started sex I just wanted a casual conversation with him
friends with benefits says he "doesn't want a relationship" but treats me more?
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