Help! A boy suddenly stopped talking to me?

So me and this guy are reasonably good friends not super close but share things that are kinda sexual in nature I guess. We’ve been snapchatting for quite a while and have either the red or the yellow heart most of the time. He normally texts first but sometimes I initiate the convo. Recently we’ve been talking about him losing his virginity and when we were talking about how/when he started to bring up details that I’d told him about my sex life. I think we flirt sometimes but it’s kinda hard to tell just because of the nature of our relationship. Like we talk about masturbating occasionally and sometimes send photos of laptop screens while watching porn kinda thing. For the past two days he hasn’t texted at all even though he normally does, I’m just confused cause I haven’t said anything weird or off putting. Most of our contact since the virginity conversation has just been sending snapchats of our faces. Someone please help!
Help! A boy suddenly stopped talking to me?
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