Does it sound like my boyfriend thinks I am crap in bed as he can’t multiple orgasm like he usually does?

I have been with my boyfriend for 9 months now. Everything was great to begin with.

I noticed he cums quickly, and I thought he had prem ejaculation, but I never mentioned this.

One time we had sex, he said normally he is able to cum several times without losing his hard on, as in it doesn’t go down after cumming, and he can go again a few times. But that I always stop after he comes the first time (as I wasn’t aware he could do that). He said it like this:

”Normally I can come loads before going down. My record is 8. The first one with me is always kinda meh, then they get more powerful. Loads of women love it. But you stop after the first one so it doesn’t happen.”

Him comparing me to “loads of other women” really effected me. But I took it on board, and the next time we had sex after he came I carried on going, and he went soft. This happened a few times before it made me feel like shit.

He can do it, as I make him cum 2-3 times in one hardon with my mouth but not from sex.

I talked to him about it and He tells me that I am the best sex he’s ever had, and that he told me about it as he has never been in the situation he is in with me. That with the other women his first orgasm always took longer, and when he did cum he was able to carry on. But with me the minute he puts it in that he is fighting the urge to cum, and when he does cum it happens so fast that he can’t keep it up afterwards. He said he was feeling embarrassed about not performing well and decided to brag about previous times, and that he’s devastated that it has made me feel this way and ruin everything.

My issue is that I am now totally in my head about it all the time and my confidence has completely disappeared. I feel like I don’t live up to all the other women he has been with. This is starting to destroy our relationship, and the thing is we are completely in love.

Are there any guys guys out there who have this ability who could let me know if his explanation could be the truth?
Does it sound like my boyfriend thinks I am crap in bed as he can’t multiple orgasm like he usually does?
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