GUYS PLEASE HELP🙏🏽please read💗🙂?

Ok so the other day me and my boyfriend were messing around and I went to suck his dick and it wasn’t that hard. And i was like “it’s not even fully hard” and he was like you made it soft by waiting too long and that offended me for some reason so I didn’t talk to him for like 10 mins. Then he got mad at me for ignoring him and he didn’t know it was bc he said that. The next day I told him it offended me and he was like “are you serious that’s why😂it’s not you, my shits weird it gets soft if it just sits there for a while that’s how it’s always been” and we have made up since then but I’m afraid that since his soft dick was spoken about by me that he won’t be able to get a boner w me ever again bc I’ve heard you aren’t suppose to talk about it. Please tell me I’m overthinking this.
GUYS PLEASE HELP🙏🏽please read💗🙂?
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