Is he potentially cheating or am I reading into it too much?

Good evening guys,
I’m very desperate for opinions, answers or similar stories that could perhaps help my situation.
I’m 21f and my partner is 28m. We have been dating for almost two years now and everything was going “normal” up until August last year when he came back from his visit at his close friends wedding. Since that he is struggling with erectile dysfunction and we have had sex roughly 4-5 times since then and even during he was either unable to finish or went flaccid. Around December he developed some sort of “rash” down there which he could not explain but from his visits to doctors they told him it’s potentially from either friction, sweating etc. So not and STD but still concerning considering the situation we’re already in. Last time we had sex was 3 days ago and during he was barely hard and came barely a drop which surprised me since we didn’t have it for over 2 weeks. Our usual routine was once very 2 days but things took a massively drastic turn and it’s having a very bad impact not only on our relationship but individually on our self esteem. He is unable to provide any answer to why he suddenly is having this issue and I’m frequently urging him to see the docs. I hope you’re able to give me some advice weather I’m over thinking this too much or share a similar situation and how you dealt with it. I want to believe him but these 6 past 6 months he has displayed not only verbal but also physical red flags that something is not right. Thank you so much for reading this and thank you for any help you’re able to provide.
11 mo
Well the only things I have picked up so far is that he is indeed staying longer at work than usual but again - he was recently promoted and he tells me he now has more duties (we used to work together so it does make sense)
Texting wise he uses his phone as usual how ever barely replies to me and says that he is busy.
In general he barely shares anything with me. He said previously in one of the arguments that “we live together now” which meant I’m not as exciting anymore
Is he potentially cheating or am I reading into it too much?
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