Was this sexual harassment?

In hs, I was in LOVE with this guy. He figured this out. I would send snaps to him with my shirt low cut and my boobs falling out of them. He always was very much encouraging to these pictures. But he wasn’t satisfied.

He told me to send him completely nude pictures. I said no, but he kept asking. He ended up telling me that he would tell my parents we had sex (which my parents are very religious and anti-sex b4 marriage) if I didn’t send him them. So I sent a pic of my boobs

He wasn’t still satisfied. He wanted to see my butt. I said no. He told me to send him pictures or else he would kill me. He told me not to tell anyone. I sent him pictures of my butt

He would also send videos of himself jerking himself off. I did like those videos, but I never forced him to send anything. Because I liked him, I’m confused if this is sexual harassment.
Was this sexual harassment?
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