Does she like me or am I reading it wrong?

So this girl and I have been friends for about 7 years. Our feelings haven't been always mutual. It's somewhat in between. We've liked each other at least twice now and I think its the third time now. We haven't dated in the time we liked each other as we're both busy and we live in a somewhat hard place to get to and from to each others houses.

So back in January this year. I did a social media detox for about a month. Just for my mental health. So we started talking again yesterday, I was asking her weird questions (We talk about anything and everything. We are close.. a little too close if you know what i mean)

I can literally ask her any sexual topic and she will always answer except when it comes to relationship questions.

So, anyway I started a conversation hypothetically about us snuggling together and she said she would like to be big spoon. Then i said no I would like to be big spoon so i can cuddle you and maybe get you horny. (Horny bit was just a joke)

She wasn't against this at all. She was like ''mmm Maybe If I'm in the mood or not. ''

I can also ask her when was the last time she you know.. ''Flicked the bean'' and she will actually give me an answer.

I also asked her If I kissed you on the lips. How would you feel and react? She simply stated she would feel stunned and wouldn't know what to do. She also said well I know you and you're not a random guy.

We also joke about the friendzone.

FYI I have other female friends. They're not this open with me at all and barely talk to me like ever and I've known them for a longer period than I have with this female friend.
Does she like me or am I reading it wrong?
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