When did "hookup culture" start, and how?

Like, when do you think it started? This lady outlines her view of it... Helps to have some perspective... cause it's messed up.

Kinda funny and educational, from 20141960's - mom's were home raising kids (except for the moms that were having fun at drug parties... ahemm)
1970's - moms went to work, kids went "latchkey". Kids on their own more and went more to their peers for guidance. Schools losing power to discipline
1980's - all moms went back to work. Kids less respectful of adults. Can't say "no" to kids... shift in culture. "Be friends with your kids". Schools lose power and asked to do more parenting. They suck at that... because can't discipline!
1990's - Parenting goes downhill. Computers take over... internet.. exposure...
2000's+ - mobile technology. kids go here for info...

Commonality - parents not talking about "hanky panky". Kids start going to "porn" more. It's not like "porn" is real life, how many "marriage" porns are there... yea...

Younger and younger kids are watching porn, like 8 yr olds... kids think this is "sex".

HOW TO REDEFINE THE NORM ('cause it's only going to get worse)
* Talk about sex with your kids, age appropriate
My opinion is... turn off the internet and take the phones away from them until they are old enough to pay for them.

Girls have you played "sex" games at parties? Like... I never went to such a party, so have no idea.

God... universe... help us all..
When did "hookup culture" start, and how?
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