Why would guys want to be monogamous?

I watched porn with my boyfriend the other day and we saw all these videos of gorgeous women with amazing bodies. He also showed me his favourite porn star. I don't mind that he watches porn of watching it with him, it just makes me wonder why he would want to be exclusive with me. There are so many beautiful women out there willing to have sex and he could be everywhere if he wanted to in stead of being loyal.

Don't get me wrong, though. My boyfriend is sooo appreciative of me and loves my body. He says I have the same body as his favourite porn star etc.

My boyfriend also has a busy past. He is 24 and told me (when I asked him) that he has been with 12 people. Again, it doesn't matter.

Still I wonder why men would want to be in a relationship when they can mess around all they want. What do you guys think?
Why would guys want to be monogamous?
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