Should I be concerned (kinda graphic)?

Disclaimer!!! I don’t want any details if you have any of your own I just want an opinion!!! I’ve been together with my boyfriend for a year. We get along great. The other day we were talking about our sexual experiences. But I guess after a year of dating I finally asked him if he did anything out there with his ex girlfriends. He said one girlfriend they tried everything in the book. Even blood stuff. He said this was a very long time ago. But they both got tested before hand for diseases and were clean. They then tried some of the knife cutting and licking play. Nothing like buckets but some of the tasting the other persons blood etc. He didn’t not like it and only did it once or twice. I hate blood and I am terrified of it lol. I feel sick to my stomach someone would do that. Should this be worrisome behavior? Even to this day? This was probably 13ish plus years ago he did this. But I never heard of anything like this before. Why would someone want to try this behavior. I get it was along time ago. He has been tested multiple times and is clean. But should I be concerned he did it. Does it impact me in anyway. I don't know I hate blood and I get worried lol. I have extreme blood anxiety. But please no personal stories of your own! Lol!! What is your guys and girls opinion on this behavior!
Should I be concerned (kinda graphic)?
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