Friends with benefits (31M) ghosted me (20F)?

I met this guy on tinder last winter and we exchanged numbers and social media. He would often pop up asking me who I was fucking and I would usually reply in the same manner as he was talking to me in.

I have no problem with FWB's situations at all and one day when I was bored and horny I decided to meet him so we could have sex. We did the deed, he kissed me at the door and I left. Few days later he told me that he had met someone and was going to put his energies into her and I was cool with it. Two days later he came back and shortly after that we had sex again and he told me he thought it was the best he'd ever had.

We've never had a friendly communication, when he would talk to me he'd make me feel like some sort of prostitute and keep asking me to sleep with his friends to which I kept declining. I told him I had started seeing someone and he mocked me before asking if we would be breaking it off for good, I gave in and went to see him.

That was the last time we slept with each other, after that I broke things off with him saying I'd met someone who spoke to me like a human being.

Recently he popped back up and we had plans to meet. But on one day in particular he told me he'd let me know when to come and I told him I was going to meet someone else. He accused me of replacing him and called me cold but I thought he was joking. We were meant to meet on the Friday and when I asked what time he told me he'd replaced me and I accused him of being petty. I told him to ditch her and shag me instead and he said "but I really want her pussy." I told him he was a snake and we didn't talk until he text me two days later wanting to meet. I declined because he said he was going out soon and I wouldn't make it. The following day I asked if he was free and he ignored me, then posted to his IG story so I knew it was deliberate on his part. I haven't heard from him since but his been watching my IG stories.

Pretty sure his ghosted me and I'm seething.

Friends with benefits (31M) ghosted me (20F)?
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