Boyfriend and his degrading “jokes” ?

I love him but he is making me insecure. He always makes sexual jokes about other girls, some of them are really nasty (like he points out a girl and tells how would he f*** that girl). He also makes fun of my body and compares me to the women in porns and tells i would be so sexy if my breast look like them. I told him they are not real then he compared me with his old partners.
He shatters my self esteem and when i talk to him about this he blames me for being “too sensitive” and “not able to take a joke”, “doesn’t have a sense of humour”. He makes fun of things that i can not change. I mean what can i do about it? It doesn’t end here. Im thinking of getting a licence and he told me that i dont have the skills to be a good driver. I got mad and told him he couldnt know that and he keeps insisting that i have to “accept my deficiencies like ” he accepts his own”. It really annoys me how immature and mean he is. He keeps saying stuff like that then he says he was just joking i can't handle a joke, Im the prettiest girl to him and im smart and capable of everything. After hearing all that stuff this means nothing to me. I feel like he’s slurring over after i get mad, and mean what he said.
Im not a shallow person but im way out of his league and it would be great if he appreciated me. I always motivate him and compliment him. I love every inch of him but i get this in return.
Boyfriend and his degrading “jokes” ?
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