Girls, does your guy habitually anal finger you when giving you oral sex?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for five months. We started having sex, hand stimulation and intercourse for the first few times before we began doing oral on each other. Funny thing is that from the very first time and every time since, he slides a lubricated finger up into my bottom while performing oral on me. He doesn’t finger bang my butt or anything. It’s like a ritual, he lubes his index finger, gently inserts the tip into my anus, starts using his tongue around my clitoris, gently slides his finger all the way into my bottom, and parks it there until he fishes me. After I come as much as I can, he withdraws his finger and cleans me up back there. I won’t do anal sex and he says he doesn’t want to have anal intercourse. I’m ok with a finger up there, it doesn’t hurt and it’s not uncomfortable for me. But it doesn’t do anything for me either. It’s just there, a finger up my butt. It doesn’t intensify orgasms or add any spice for me, not when I think back on my previous partner for comparison. I’ve asked him what he gets out of it, and all he does is shrug and say because he just likes it. He’d rather have his finger up my bottom than in my vagina. So I’ll keep on letting him do what he wants. He’s a good guy and a good lover, and this seems to be his only quirk. But I have to wonder, is this a quirk or fetish I’m unaware of.
Girls, does your guy habitually anal finger you when giving you oral sex?
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