Sexting before meeting in person?

I've been chatting with a guy from dating app for like a month. So far it was all good, but yesterday things heated up and we started sexting. I was in the mood but I don't usually do that, because I can't fantasize about someone I haven't met in person. It kind of ruins everything. We only have this idea of each other, but until we meet in person it is not real. I've done this in the past and regretted it after meeting the guy because there was no chemistry in person and I had to reject him. I felt terrible rejecting him after leading him on so hard with sexting. I don't want the same thing to happen now, I want to go back to normal chatting with this guy until this lockdown is over and we can meet. But he now initiates it all the time and wants more dirty talk, despite me telling him all this already. Why is he all of a sudden such a horny animal when he seemed like such a good, calm guy? Is there a way to go back to normal friendly chatting?
Sexting before meeting in person?
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