I think my girlfriend is bi?

I've spoken to her about it before. She used to be confused about her sexuality, she's had wet dreams involving women. I've asked her if she thinks she's bi and if she did then I wouldn't mind and that I would still love her. She said no and even expressed disgust in sex with women. One night we were having... phone sex (this quarantine shit) basically just turning each other on over the phone. We've mentioned every single thing she wants me to do to her and what I want to do and etc, things like that, I asked her "what would be something you would want to do to me?" and she was thinking for a bit and couldn't really come up with anything, which I could understand but she said sorta quietly "this would be so much easier if you were a girl" and of course this triggered my concern that I had a long time ago and thought I didn't have to worry about anymore so I asked "why? would it be better if this was a girl?" and she replied with "idk.. I doubt it, I doubt it". Sure she's assured me several times she's straight but the fact that this happened, the wet dreams, the confusion she had before. It concerns me. Do you think she's bi and just doesn't want to admit it to herself? Do you think she's hiding it? How should I handle this situation? She has called other women hot before (I've seen a lot of women do that but I don't know maybe it's more significant to me when she does it for obvious reasons). Thank you
I think my girlfriend is bi?
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