How Can My Sister Convenience the Bar Manager?

I had asked this question couple of days Ago with less details but didn't get Any Solutions, So My Sister was struggling financially for last Some Months, She has some bank loans to repay as well as some other dues, So she was very Stressed... One of My Sister's friend used to work in a strip bar, So My Sister went to her to get some help

My Sister's friend suggested her to work in a strip bar where she used to work,
But My Sister could not read the fine print of the contract properly and by Mistake She signed on a nude contract, Now My sister's manager treats with her very harshly and he don't allow her to wear any panties or thong because My sister has signed strip to nude contract

My Sister Also tried taking to a lawyer but he told her that she will have to give a huge amount of money to bar owner if she breach the contract before one year, it was like a bond that she signed by mistake.

It was My Sister's own mistake, She signed on a strip to nude contract because she couldn't read the fine print of the contract, this gave her Manager power over her, So as per the Contract if Bar Manager want then he can strip her naked Infront the Bar Customers, So he is just misusing his over which he has over My Sister and he don't let her wear any panties or thong during she performs Infront the Bar Customers.

What she she Can do Now? She needs Money to repay her bank loans and other dues but she don't want to Strip fully Nude.
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My Sister had to repay Bank loans Urgently So at that time When She Signed the Contract She had taken Money in Advance for this.
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My Sister lives in Mexico
How Can My Sister Convenience the Bar Manager?
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