Is my boyfriend gay?

My boyfriend is from conservative culture, he is lovely but he doesn’t have any signs to tell he is guy. Once he told me he’s been touched by his gay business partner when he was an intern and when my bf’s boss learned about it, he did nothing, still kept sending my boyfriend to the meeting with that gay businessman.
One more story my boyfriend told me is that this gay man cried in front of him, saying he doesn’t want to be gay and he was drunk as hell. My boyfriend accompanied him to home. He mentioned these stories once when he saw my house, he said there was a gay men who used to live around me and it reminds him not so good memories.
Now, we live together and we are in a relationship for a year. Usually have sex 10 times a month. He lost his virginity to me at the age of 23. Once during doggy style he shouted “good boy”. I don’t know what he meant. He likes sucking my tits and he loves my big butt. So I am suspicious but today I had a dream I pimped my boyfriend to an old gay man, and my boyfriend was not cery happy with this, he said he didn’t like being with this man. I don’t know why I saw this dream and is he gay or not. We talk a lot, we communicate a lot but still, this is not the question you will ask straight.
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It’s very intriguing.
Is my boyfriend gay?
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