Today's Women and Compliments?

I was reading the responses so far for the question "Girls how would you feel if a guy complemented your cleavage?" and they made me wonder what went wrong causing women to get "hostile" about being politely complimented in some way about their looks or attributes by strangers out on the street.
Back when ladies were gracious enough just to say "Thank you" if they didn't blush ruby red and continued on. Now the reactions are like you had been bitch-slapped or had all your clothes torn off you in the middle of Main Street.
So the question to the women would be: Why all the discontentment?
Bonus question for the guys: What do you think went wrong?
1 y
Clarification: The question came from reading the noted question. The question is worded for compliments in general.
1 y
Since everyone is focused on cleavage, what's the difference between stating "Nice cleavage" and "That's a nice top" when speaking about the same top?

Just playing Devil's Advocate here. :)
Today's Women and Compliments?
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