Scared of a dead bedroom?

boyfriend (22) is avoiding sex after like a week of moving in, we used to have sex all the time in random places and now its occasional, before bed after I (21f) beg him.
I feel so unsexy and ugly and whenever I ask him about it he gets triggered by it. I'll try to initate sex non verbally and he'll even get a hard on but as soon as I touch it he usually brushes me off and says 'nooooooo' so I obviously don't push any further but it hurts a lot
We've bee together for 1 year and 2 months, 6 of which I was abroad and he visited twice and I came home once. I'm back permanently and I've been living with him for 4 weeks.
We're very strong and very close and managed being apart to stuck in lock down together pretty well except for the sex 😔
Scared of a dead bedroom?
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