Should you give money to your Boyfriend?

Should you give money to your Boyfriend?
I caught my boyfriend cheating on me for 5 months while we are in a long distance relationship. He lived with another girl in a city while he left me alone in our house in province.
I was so devastated because I gave him everything my money, body and even life, only to find out in the end, he was only cheating me with a woman who is not even beautiful or sexier than me. He said, I can't take care of his needs enough like money, food, home, medicine, good sex. He said, he can't sacrificed his life with my small salary of 500USD per month as accountant. The other woman blamed me that it is my fault because I was not good enough for him. I returned all the stuffs to my boyfriend apart from his motorbike that is under my name that his family paid for. We agreed with my ex boyfriend that I will sell it and return the money.

A month ago, I found out this woman was only a prostitute and I could not believed that my boyfriend replaced me for her just because she lived in a condo. And, that gives me an answer when I saw a pack of condoms to my boyfriend bag when we are still together. This month, I was able to sell his motorbike but I did not told him yet because he was really giving me a silent treatment.

Suddenly, my ex boyfriend chatted me out of the blue. He said that he is struggling paying rent because of the two months quarantine. He said, he can't earn any money and I assume that the prostitute girl too. He asked me if I could help him find a good job and making me feel like he needs again my help but I did not bother to react. I really want to return the money but whenever I remember the things they did to me, I feel so mad and I want them to have a taste of their own karma.

Should I return the money today or just later? What is your recommendation guys, pls vote. Thanks
Yes, return the money during the quarantine. Help them both
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No, don't return the money yet. Let them taste the karma first of their actions
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Note: I will really return the money but I am wondering if today is the right time.
Should you give money to your Boyfriend?
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