Should I confess my feelings to this girl?

She’s a really nice person first of all she’s not like other girls. I like her a hell of a lot. We went on a date before but after she told me she didn’t feel anything romantic but liked me as a person and liked talking to me. I kept pursuing her because liked her a lot and I think I’ve started to like her even more now. We started to talk more this past week like everyday almost. One night she even sent me a snap that she was horny and a little drunk and she wanted to sext for a little bit. I wasn’t good at it and she knew for a fact but she ended up sending me a picture of her boobs and I sent a pic of my thing. She said it was some drunken fun. We talked the day after I didn’t even bring up what happened. A girl I was talking to about her told me I should tell her how I really feel about her and that girls like when guys make a first move. I’ve always been told by my guy friends to never do that because it’ll most likely push her away. I don’t want to lose her I’d rather much be just friends with her as agonizing as that would be than lose her all together. I don’t think I’m in love but it’s definitely something. If I were to tell her I don’t know what would even change because I doubt it’ll change her feelings. I think she lied to me last night too which for some reason just makes me feel shitty but I don’t know for sure. What should I do?
Should I confess my feelings to this girl?
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