Will this keep happening?

So when I had sex and lost my virginity.
I was pretty confident in my size lol
But nothing else...
Obviously needed guidance and she helped massively.
But what did surprise me...
I lasted over an hour 🤷‍♂️
And actually didn't even cum in the condom.
She was too sore, for any longer 😅
She jerked me off too finish.
Apparently she came multiple times though 🤔

After I was in shock etc. Thought it was a once off virgin/nervous thing 🤷‍♂️
Until the next time & last time we hooked up 😂
I ahh... Lasted 30 mins from memory + felt I could go longer 👀
She finished "apparently." But was too sore to let me finish 😶
However even so, I've been wondering if next time in bed... I'll last long again? 🤔
What's your opinion?
Will this keep happening?
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