Why are some men so selfish in bed?

I just broke up with someone I was shortly dating, because he was extremely selfish when it comes sex. He didn't care about my pleasure, for him sex is ejaculating as soon as possible and that's it. Foreplay would last around 2 minutes and then he would put it in, fuck me for like 2 more minutes so fast as if there's no tomorrow, and then cum. And then he would either go to sleep or continue doing whatever he was doing before sex. I tried talking to him about it but he didn't want to listen or change, he claims that's how he likes it and end of story. He said that I have a problem if I can't orgasm within 5 minutes, that it's boring for him to do a longer foreplay. Said I should finish myself off with a dildo or something if it's bothering me that much. I asked him if that's how he's done it with every girl and he said yes and that none of them complained. I am simply lost for words, I feel so awful and used. How is it possible that no women complained about it? Do some men really don't care at all to please a woman? Do some men really have sex just to hit the load?
Why are some men so selfish in bed?
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